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Multi-purpose Three Airbrush Set - Low Noise Compressor Kit

Brand: PointZero


Product Features:
  • Kit is complete and ready-to-use; simply connect the components and spray
  • Ideal for cake decorating, temporary tattoos, nail art, and other thinly-painted crafts
  • Three airbrushes for lines from broad to hairline
  • Airbrush Essentials - Master the Basics DVD and access to exclusive airbrush knowledge base downloads
  • Includes 7 exclusive downloadable e-Book airbrushing guides.

This deluxe three airbrush kit with low-noise compressor is perfect for a variety of applications; models, crafts, auto and cycle graphics, taxidermy, photo retouching, t-shirts, murals, fine art and illustrations, cake decorating and more. Package includes a PointZero Elite-95E air compressor, PZ-276, PZ-260 and PZ-258 airbrushes. The Elite-95E is a compact, oil-less design airbrush compressor that delivers excellent power (1/6 horse) with very little noise (49 db). The internal 11oz. tank stores air pressure, reducing the number of run cycles and smoothing the air output. The PZ-260 is a premium, dual-action (trigger independently controls release of both air and fluid), internal-mix airbrush. Tight-tolerance head provides razor-sharp detail. Needle backstop at the rear of the airbrush allows you to pre-set the trigger travel. Pre-installed 0.3mm nozzle for a spray pattern between hairline and 1.25". Gravity-feed, 7cc color cup with vented, anti-spill cover. The PZ-258 is a premium, dual-action, internal-mix airbrush. Fine-finish, stainless-steel needle minimizes tip-dry. Cutaway handle for easy cleaning and quick access to the needle chuck. Pre-installed 0.35mm nozzle for a spray pattern between thin-line and 1.5".The PZ-276, single-action (pressing the trigger releases both air and fluid) airbrush with 0.8mm nozzle for broad spray patterns of 1/4" to 2".Also included is an inline moisture-trap filter, 3 siphon-feed 22cc glass jars, 5cc bottom-feed color cup, 6' braided hose, 2 barbed hose connectors, 2 paint pipettes, 2 nozzle wrenches, hanging bracket, protective nozzle cap, instructions, Airbrush Essentials - Master the Basics DVD, a download link for these airbrushing guides: Top 8 Cake Airbrushing Tips, Guide to Airbrush Cake Decorating, Developing Basic Artistic Skills, 10 Essential Airbrushing Tips, Airbrushing Strokes and Techniques, Airbrushing Cleaning Manual and the Airbrush Lettering Guide.

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Multi-purpose Three Airbrush Set - Low Noise Compressor Kit

Multi-purpose Three Airbrush Set - Low Noise Compressor Kit