Shampoo Sinks

One of the greatest pleasures of going to the salon and getting done up is having someone wash and shampoo your hair. One of the hardest things about getting this experience at home is that bathroom and kitchen sinks are too high to lean back comfortably, and the shower has no support and will likely get more than just your hair wet. With Mix Wholesale, the salon experience can now come to you with portable shampoo sinks. The adjustable height makes these sinks perfect for nearly all chair types and the drain hose allows you to direct where the soapy water goes. Mix Wholesale's fast & free shipping will ensure that you’re washing, rinsing, and repeating from anywhere in no time.

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Portable Basin Shampoo Sink with Drain - Adjustable Height
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Professional salon quality: Our basin is constructed of durable stain-resistant lightweight ABS composite with a rolled edge and supported by a heavy-duty stainless-steel pipe. Premium features providing the ultimate in strength and comfort to meet needs of different customers and...


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