Anyone that's spent time in a kitchen, whether it be home or in a restarant, knows how important quality knives are. Our selection of high carbon stainless steel knives will assist in your everyday chopping, cutting and slicing needs. With options ranging from paring knives, chef's knives and even serrated bread knives you're sure to find your new favorite kitchen cutting utensil here. The balance and weight of these knives along with their ergonomic non-slip handles and resistance to corrosion and wear will ensure that you'll have them for years to come. Mix Wholesale's fast & free shipping will ensure that chopping and cutting away in no time.
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Stainless Steel Bread Knife and Cake Slicer with Serrated Edge
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Professional grade craftmanship: Crafted from high carbon stainless steel for top performance and durability. Our bread and cake cutting knife is extra-long in length, with a razor-sharp serrated blade and an offset handle. Comfortable grip: Designed with an ergonomic, textured non-slip...


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