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Get rid of those costly cable and satellite TV bills with these HTDV digital antennas. With an indoor range of 60-miles and an outdoor range of 70-miles you'll be able to access nearby broadcast towers and receive many local and regional channels including PBS, CBS, ABC, NBC, and FOX to name a few. With easy installation and discreet placement, you'll be watching full 1080p HD quality local weather, news, sporting events, sitcoms, and children's programming in no time. Mix Wholesale's fast & free shipping will ensure that you're never without crystal clear, quality television programming again.
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60-Mile Digital HD TV Antenna Indoor OTA VHF / UHF Amplified Receiver
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Product Features: 60-mile range: With an exceptionally long 60-mile maximum range to access available broadcast towers, this antenna pulls in many local and regional channels like ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, PBS, and more. Actual range depends on factors such as...


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