Vacuum Storage Bags

Vacuum storage bags are a gift from the heavens and once you bring them into your life, you'll wonder why you didn't try them soon. Our heavy-duty bags are thicker than most on the market and feature double zipper closure to ensure air doesn't seep back in. Simply attach your vacuum hose or the included travel hand pump to quickly compress your soft linens, pillows, clothes, and even stuffed animals. Reduce the storage clutter in your home up to 80% and help organize your closet, storage room, under the bed, or to help reduce the clutter when moving. Mix Wholesale's fast & free shipping will ensure that you're vacuum sealing your linens and seasonal clothes in no time.
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Vacuum Space Storage Saver Bags with Travel Pump
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Includes: 5 Vacuum Storage Bags and Travel Hand Pump Maximize your storage space: Increase your storage space by up to 80%, these space-saving bags are the ideal storage solution for a wide variety of soft items including blankets, pillows, clothing,...


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