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Mix Wholesale is a dynamic, customer-focused standout in the e-commerce marketplace, dedicated to meeting the demand for products in the various niche and specialty categories, and beyond. Our wide selection of high-quality products deliver exceptional lasting value, all in one convenient place.   

Company Story

Today, many of us have become (by choice or by circumstance) successful multi-taskers, always juggling various responsibilities, from work to home. Here at Mix Wholesale, we understand that busy lives benefit from having a convenient, trustworthy, and comprehensive one-shop-stop that offers products geared at solving problems, providing an easy way to restock essential supplies, and still allowing for a little bit of fun and entertainment, too. And that is how Mix Wholesale was born.  

Our family-run company began with a vision by our founder, to meet the growing demand for a comprehensive place to shop while simultaneously offering a better customer e-commerce shopping experience. Mix Wholesale is especially unique, because we have a dedicated focus to the niche and specialty products sectors. Many other competitors cannot even come close our dedication in serving these customers who often have limited options to shop for these types of goods.  

 To effectively create this customer-centric shopping experience we imagined, we became involved in the entire process of bringing a product to the marketplace, from design to manufacture. This hands-on involvement has allowed us to ensure quality at every stage. As a result, we created the foundation for an improved shopping experience that translates into ultimately better quality, lower prices, and great service.  

Further, we are continuously evolving, utilizing the latest technologies and cutting-edge business strategies, enhancing our product offerings and services along the way. While our company continues to grow, our American roots and family values keep us grounded and working hard to uphold the high standards and dedication to providing excellence that separates Mix Wholesale from the competition.

 Mix Wholesale is the retail branch of Spohn Global Enterprises, LLC.



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