The Ultimate Guide to Picking the Best Christmas Tree for Your Home

For many people, there’s one holiday that stands apart from the rest: Christmas of course! 

Christmas is a magical time of the year, made only slightly less magical by the debate that rages in families every Fall: Which is the best Christmas tree for our home? 

- Do we choose a real tree or an artificial tree? 

- Do we go with a classic look, something more festive, or go a little wild with a pink or black tree? 

- Is pre-lit the best option or do we want a blank canvas? 

- Should we use multi-color lights or white lights? 

- Is a full or pencil style narrow tree the best fit for our space? 

Let’s explore. 


Real vs. Artificial Christmas Trees 

Ah, the classic argument. Let’s do a quick comparison. 


Real Trees: 

- Shed needles 

- Sticky with sap 

- Constant watering 

- Bringing unwanted outdoor elements indoors 

- Flammable 


Artificial Trees: 

- No shedding 

- No sticky mess 

- No watering 

- No dirt, mold, spiders, or bugs 

- Flame-retardant 


It’s official: artificial trees are superior.  


But now come other questions, like, “Are artificial trees hard to set up?” and “Do artificial trees look real?” 

We understand. It can be quite hard choosing the right tree, but don’t worry. We’ve got the ultimate guide to choosing the best tree for your household. 


Multi-Color vs. White Christmas Tree Lights 

Another classic conundrum… 

 - Warm, soft, and soothing – white lights give your home a graceful ambient glow. 

- Multi-color lights are bright and festive, and they add energy and holiday fun to your home. 

The good news is that many artificial trees come pre-lit with both white and multi-color light varieties. Some even rotate and change colors from white, to a soft pastel, and finally to bright rich colors. 


Top Picks for Artificial Christmas Trees 

There’s a wide variety of artificial holiday trees available these days. Here are a few of our top picks: 


The Elegant Winter Wonderland Tree 

One of the most stunning modern artificial Christmas trees is one we’ve nicknamed ‘The Winter Wonderland Tree’ for its snow-flocked pine needles. This tree resembles a classic pine tree plucked from the forest just after a fresh winter snowfall. 

Decorate it with silver trim and red ornaments for a classic feel. Or indulge with elements of green, gold, and burgundy for a luxurious, yet traditional touch. Either way, the Winter Wonderland Tree is a stunning pick for anybody that loves elegant Christmas décor. Display it as the centerpiece of a living room, foyer, office, lobby, or wherever else you want to highlight your tree. 


The Classic Green Canvas Christmas Tree 

If you’re feeling a little creative but craving a classic design, the next pick on our guide is sure to have you all up in your holiday feels! 

The Classic Green Canvas Christmas Tree has an uncomplicated design that’s a realistic and high-quality replica of a tree you might otherwise bring home from a Christmas tree lot.        

The blank canvas is perfect for those who wish to use their own lights, ornaments, ribbons, bows, and topper. Based on a Spruce, this tree is the pinnacle of timeless Christmas spirit. With no built-in lights or decorations, this is a perfect choice for the family that’s set on using their own meaningful and carefully selected décor. 


The Timesaving, Pre-Lit Christmas Tree 

If you still like the classic style of the green spruce but are short on decorating time (or string lights), the next tree in our Ultimate Guide is likely to appeal to you. 

A pre-lit artificial tree comes with integrated lights, saving time and the hassle of stringing lights around the tree. It is ideal for busy households or those who simply don’t want to untangle last year’s light-mare. 

Pre-lit trees come in multi-color and white light varieties. The integrated white lights bring a soft and soothing ambiance, setting a warm mood after a long day of holiday shopping. While multi-color lights often change colors and create a fun and festive atmosphere. 


The Unconventional Statement Tree 

If traditional isn’t your thing, consider something unexpected. How about a pink Christmas tree or maybe even a black holiday tree? Create Christmas in your own style with a tree that’s as unique as you are. 

Unleash your creative side with a Nightmare before Christmas themed style – starting early and decorating your black Christmas tree for Halloween and keeping it up the rest of the year till it's time to take down the Holiday decor. 

This type of eye-catching tree is the perfect way to stand out and put your own spin on multiple holiday seasons. Afterall, why should you just decorate for Christmas? Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween, Dios Day Los Muertos, the Solstices, and even Witchmas all deserve their own unique holiday decor. 


Space-Saving Pencil Christmas Trees 

Can’t fit a wide, full-size tree in your space? Artificial trees come in narrow varieties too for a modern & space saving look. 

pencil fir tree features the same benefits of full-size artificial trees: clean, easy to set up, and reusable. But it’s perfect for those with limited space or who prefer a modern take on a traditional tree. Just like the classic options, these streamlined trees also include blank canvas and pre-lit multi-color light options. 


Tabletop Ceramic Christmas Trees 

Have limited space? Don’t want to move furniture to accommodate a full-size Christmas tree? Then a tabletop ceramic Christmas tree might be the right answer for you.  

Add it to your mantle, tabletop, desktop, or other holiday display. It can work as your household Christmas tree when you’re really tight on space, or as holiday decoration for an office, bedroom, den, or just about anywhere else you can think of. It’s perfect when you can’t, or don’t want to, add a full-size tree or simply want as many decorations as you can adorning your home. 

A hand-painted Christmas tree is cute and compact with just the right amount of vintage holiday spirit. Many are customizable with two different color star toppers and sets of both white and multi-color lights to create the ultimate two-in-one decoration. 

While a ceramic tree might not be your ‘traditional’ tree, it still earns a spot on our guide for personality and charm! 


Which Artificial Christmas Tree Is Right for Your Home? 

Artificial Christmas trees don’t have to be complicated or expensive. With benefits such as being flame-retardant, reusable, sustainable, and affordable; and features that include easy set-up and an included foldable base - you really can’t go wrong with any of our Ultimate Guide top picks. 

At the end of the day, one of the most important factors to consider when deciding on the perfect tree for your home is what your heart says. When you follow that it’s hard to make a bad decision.