Hydroponic Growing

Whether you are seeking hydroponic grow supplies for your business or personal use, you nevertheless need quality products that will help you get a successful return on your investment. That is why here at Mix Wholesale, we only carry the top-quality lighting bulbs, panels, air filtration products, and much more that offer top-grade output, exceptional reliability, and long-lasting performance for successful growing anytime, anywhere. Don’t get frustrated with failed cultivation efforts with sub-par quality growing supplies. When you choose to shop at Mix Wholesale, you can be sure your efforts will result in fruitful growing with abundant harvests. 
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Carbon Air Filter with 8" Flange Odor Control Exhaust - 21.25"x11"
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Product Features: Length: 21.25 inches overall (19.75 in. filter plus 1.5 in. flange) Capacity of 450 CFM Removes odors for up to 3 years Tightly-woven pre-filter pad 1.25-inch thick carbon layer; rough-cut carbon pellets for max odor absorption The 19.75-inch...


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