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Recovery Winch Accessory Kit - 10 Ton Snatch Block Tree Strap Quick Connector

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  • This combo package contains one each of our most popular winch accessories: a 10 ton snatch block, a 10' tree protector strap and an easy-to-use, quick-connector set. All products are truly built-to-last and will make a great addition to your recovery toolkit
  • Snatch Block - Used to increase winch pulling power (using a double-line pull technique) or for indirect pulls using the block as an anchor point
    • Rugged - Coated with an epoxy grade finish which is significantly less likely to chip and rust than powder coated models
    • Smooth operation - Dowel bearing with integrated grease fitting
    • No disassembly required - Unit swivels open to accept line (pulley accommodates line up to 1/2")
    • Dimensions - 9-3/4" x 4-5/8"
    • Capacity - 20,000 pounds
  • Tree Protector - This premium strap provides a secure anchor point for winching without damaging tree-trunks as rope or metal chain will
    • Rugged - Woven from tough, industrial-grade polyester
    • Long-lasting - Strap is tightly woven, minimizing stretch while remaining extremely soft and pliable
    • Heavy-duty - End-loops are folded, reinforced and securely stitched, providing for a very high pulling capacity
    • Dimensions - 3" wide, 10' long
    • Capacity - 24,000 pounds
  • Quick connector set - Provides simple and convenient method for disconnecting power to a winch or other electrical device such as remote battery chargers, trailers, or for any purpose requiring a high-current, quick-disconnect connector
    • Rugged - Crafted from tough polycarbonate and each end features a fitted rubber boot to protect against dust, moisture, corrosion and the elements
    • Simple to use - Connector ends are identical, so either end is suitable for connection to the power or load side, however they are mated (they connect in only one polarity or direction), to prevent anyone from connecting them cross-polarity
    • Easy set-up - Simply insert wires into terminal pins, then crimp or solder. Pins are then inserted into the connector housing, where they lock in place (pins can be removed from housing if necessary)
    • Designed for low-voltage - (12-36 volts DC), direct-current use
    • High-current - All components are suitable for very high-current use, such as for winches rated 8,000 pounds or greater (true rated capacity is 350 amps)
    • Universal - This set may be used to connect any brand of winch
    • Dimensions - Each connector measures 3-1/8" long x 2-1/8" wide x 1" thick (connected set measures 5-1/4" x 2-1/8" x 1")
What's included
  • Snatch block
  • Tree protector
  • Quick connector set

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