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Pro Multi-Purpose Piston Airbrush Compressor Kit with 2 Airbrushes by PointZero


VENDOR: PointZero

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  • General purpose airbrush set
  • Broad airbrush and Detail airbrush
  • Airbrush Essentials - Master the Basics DVD
  • Includes 7 exclusive downloadable e-Book airbrushing guides.
  • Cleaning accessories included

This premium two airbrush kit with piston compressor and cleaning station is perfect for a variety of applications; models, crafts, auto and cycle graphics, taxidermy, photo retouching, t-shirts, murals, fine art and illustrations, cake decorating and more. Kit includes a PointZero Elite-125X air compressor, PZ-360 and PZ-276 airbrushes, 3-in-1 cleaning pot, 3-way splitter, brush set, and 2 braided air hoses. The Elite-125X is an oil-less airbrush compressor delivers excellent power (1/5 horse) with very little noise (55 db). Sensitive diaphragm regulator with integrated pressure gauge and water-trap allows precise control and delivery of clean, dry air. On-demand operation; the compressor runs until pressure reaches approximately 58 psi, then cycles off until the pressure drops to 40 psi, where the unit restarts. Compact and lightweight (8 lbs.) with easy-carry handle. The PZ-360, from PointZero Airbrush, is a premium, dual-action internal-mix airbrush. Tight-tolerance, 4-piece head provides razor-sharp detail. Needle backstop allows you to pre-set the trigger travel. Micro Air Control (MAC) valve provides on-the-fly, micro-adjustment of air pressure. Pre-installed 0.2mm for a spray pattern between hairline and 1". Gravity-feed 9cc color cup with vented, anti-spill cover. Cutaway handle for easy cleaning and quick access to the needle chuck. The PZ-276, single-action (pressing the trigger releases both air & fluid) airbrush with 0.8mm nozzle for broad spray patterns of 1/4" to 2". The multi-purpose cleaning jar provides a convenient place to flush your airbrush during cleaning and color change. Snap-on lid contains three divided sections that can be used as a paint palette. Includes a three way splitting manifold, two 6' braided hoses, two 22cc glass bottles, set of five cleaning brushes, two paint pipettes, barbed hose connector, nozzle wrench and instruction sheet. As an added bonus, included with this kit is a download link for airbrushing guides.

  • Perfect for all levels from novice to professional
  • Ideal for cake decorating, temporary tattoos, nail art, and other airbrush-painted crafts
  • Includes two professional airbrushes:
    • One professional dual-action, internal-mix, gravity-feed with a 9cc color cup and a pre-installed 0.2mm nozzle set
    • One broad-coverage single-action, external-mix airbrush with a 22cc siphon feed jar and a 0.8mm nozzle set
  • All airbrushes feature a solvent-resistant needle packing that is safe to use with all airbrush mediums, including food application and body art
  • Airbrushes connect to the compressor with one of the two included 6 foot braided air hoses
  • Both airbrushes can be connected to the compressor simultaneously by using the included 3-way splitter
  • An oil-free compressor design makes this set-up perfect for nail art, food decorating, body art and all other standard airbrushing applications
  • An easy-clean airbrush cleaning pot allows you to quickly flush the airbrush during color changes or before cleaning
  • Five wire brushes are included for quick and easy cleaning when you're done with your work
  • Includes instructions and five exclusive educational airbrushing guides to improve your skills
  • Comes with Airbrush Essentials: Master The Basics DVD, which will walk you through getting started or mastering basic skills
Specifications -

Premium dual-action internal-mix airbrush with pre-installed 0.2mm nozzle set (#1)

  • Precision-crafted body provides a balanced feel in the hand
  • Needle backstop at the rear of the airbrush allows you to pre-set the trigger travel, producing consistent line width
  • Micro Air Control (MAC) valve located just below the color cup provides convenient, on-the-fly, adjustments of air pressure
  • Tight-tolerance head provides extremely fine atomization with razor-sharp detail
  • Includes pre-installed 0.2mm nozzle (tip), nozzle cap, and needle for spray patterns between hairline and 3/4"
  • Fine-finish, stainless-steel needle minimizes tip-dry
  • Crenelated (crown-shaped) needle cap allows airbrushing close to the work surface by minimizing air turbulence
  • Uses gravity-feed 9cc color cup with vented, anti-spill cover
  • Solvent-resistant needle packing allows safe use with all types of spraying mediums
  • Features a cutaway handle for easy cleaning and access to the needle chuck
  • Uses standard 1/8" BSP air hose fittings

Broad-coverage single-action external-mix airbrush with pre-installed 0.8mm nozzle set (#2)

  • Comfortable composite handle
  • External-mix design means less clogging, even when spraying highly viscous materials
  • Easily adjusted by twisting the pre-installed, 0.8mm nozzle to increase or decrease the material flow
  • Especially suited for large areas or broad spray patterns between 1/4" and 2"
  • Boxed set includes two 22cc glass bottles (one siphon-feed cover and one closed cover), a paint pipette and instruction sheet
  • Requires an air supply with a working pressure of 15 to 50 psi
  • Includes propellant-can regulator and 5' air hose with M5 fittings
  • Airbrush uses M5 air hose fittings
  • Included M5-to-1/8" BSP adapter allows airbrush fittings to be adapted to use 1/8" BSP fitting air hoses

Ultra-compact airbrush compressor

  • Premium, tankless airbrush compressor
  • Delivers excellent power (1/5 horsepower, 1.0 CFM) with ultra-quiet operation (55 db)
  • Works on demand, running until it reaches approximately 58 psi, then cycling off until pressure reaches 40 psi before restarting
  • Auto-start/stop feature saves power and reduces motor wear and heat while maintaining enough pressure to operate most airbrushes
  • Sensitive, diaphragm regulator with integrated pressure gauge and water-trap allows precise control and delivery of clean, dry air
  • Compact and lightweight (8 pounds) with easy-carry handle
  • Rubber feet to protect your work surface
  • Oil-less design makes this compressor suitable for food decorating, body/nail art and all other standard airbrushing applications
  • Maintenance-free, CE certified and thermally-protected
  • Uses standard 1/8" BSP male outlet
  • Uses 6 foot US-standard 120 volt power cord
  • Dimensions: 10" long, 4" wide, 7" tall

Multipurpose 3-in-1 paint cleaning jar with stand

  • Functions as a cleaning pot, airbrush holder, and paint palette
  • Eliminates overspray and mess in the work area during cleaning or color changes
  • The jar lid features a removable swivel airbrush holder on the cover
  • A second snap-on cover is divided into three sections and can be used as a paint palette
  • To use, simply fill the jar 1/4 full with water (or preferred solvent), close cover, add your preferred solvent to the color cup of your airbrush and spray through the rubber port in the cover; residue and old color simply wash into the pot
  • Includes five washable, replaceable filters that allow air to escape the jar while keeping overspray inside

Three-way air-splitter

  • Allows use of multiple airbrushes from one source
  • 1 standard 1/8" BSP female inlet
  • 3 standard 1/8" BSP male outlets
  • Two caps provided to close off unused ports

Exclusive educational airbrush guides

  • Includes a download link for the following five how-to airbrush guides:
    • Developing Basic Artistic Skills
    • 10 Essential Airbrushing Tips
    • Airbrushing Strokes and Techniques
    • Airbrush Lettering Guide
    • The Airbrush Cleaning Manual

Airbrush Essentials: Master The Basics DVD

  • Perfect beginner's airbrush guide
  • Walks aspiring airbrush artists through many of the steps involved in learning the art
  • Topics include: Set-up of the air compressor, Cleaning and maintenance of the airbrush, Basics of paint type, and Operation of the airbrush
  • Run time is 38 minutes
What's Included
  • 1 premium dual-action internal-mix gravity-feed airbrush with pre-installed 0.2mm nozzle set
  • 1 broad-coverage single-action external-mix airbrush with pre-installed 0.8mm nozzle set
  • 1 compact airbrush compressor
  • 1 glass siphon-feed color jar (22cc)
  • 1 glass color storage jar (22cc)
  • 1 three-in-one airbrush cleaning pot with airbrush stand top
  • 2 six foot braided air hoses
  • 1 five foot nylon air hose with M5 fittings
  • 1 three-way air-splitter
  • 1 M5-to-1/8" BSP airbrush adaptor
  • 1 propellant-can regulator
  • 1 barbed hose connector
  • 1 paint pipette
  • 1 nozzle wrench
  • 2 airbrush storage cases
  • 5 washable, reusable cleaning pot filters
  • 1 compressor operating manual
  • 1 airbrush instruction sheet
  • 5 exclusive how-to airbrush guide downloads
  • 1 Airbrush Essentials: Master The Basics airbrush DVD

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Pro Multi-Purpose Piston Airbrush Compressor Kit with 2 Airbrushes by PointZero

Pro Multi-Purpose Piston Airbrush Compressor Kit with 2 Airbrushes by PointZero