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Memory Foam Ergonomic Lumbar Cushion by Node

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Product Features:
  • 100% High-density memory foam: Designed with pure, premium quality memory foam for lasting comfort and support while sitting for long periods. Memory foam is heat responsive; the firmness of this back cushion will change with temperature as it molds to the body. The unique design of this memory foam
  • Lower back support: Ergonomically designed contoured lumbar pillow for lower back support and comfort. Designed to promote a healthy posture, this back cushion is ideal for office chairs, wheelchairs, and car seats.
  • Breathable mesh fabric: The center of this lumbar support cushion is covered in 3D breathable mesh to ventilate the heat from your back while using
  • Portable & adjustable: Easy to install, this back cushion includes two adjustable straps. These convenient straps allow you to adjust the cushion to fit most chairs and seats, also keeping the cushion in place as you use.
  • Easy to clean velour cover: Covered in a soft velour fabric that is machine washable. The zippered design allows you to quickly and easily remove the cover for washing.

Whether working or driving, we spend a lot of our time sitting. Lower back support for your chair or car seat is important. This ergonomic memory foam lumbar pillow provides comfort and lower back support while sitting for long periods. Designed to promote a healthy posture by molding to the body, this back support cushion is ideal for use on office chairs, wheelchairs, and in the car or truck.

This lumbar support back cushion is designed with 100% pure memory foam, the same material used for high-end mattresses. Memory foam is heat responsive, which means the firmness of the cushion will change with the temperature in the environment in which it is being used. This memory foam back pillow will be softer in warmer temperatures and firmer in cooler temperatures; room temperature is ideal. The unique properties of memory foam allow the pillow to return to its original shape after use.

Created with premium features, this memory foam lumbar pillow is covered in a machine washable soft velour fabric with 3D breathable mesh center, complete with a zipper for easy removal. Easy to install with two adjustable straps to conveniently fit most chairs and seats, keeping the cushion in place as you use. Bring this cushion to work for your office chair, use in the car for long trips, on wheelchairs, even on airplanes.

Overall Dimensions:
Top to Bottom: 12.75"
Side to Side: 13.5"
Front to Back: 2.75" High

Care Instructions:
Cover: Unzipper to remove the cover from the cushion. Machine wash cover only on cold/gentle cycle with mild detergent. Tumble dry low or no heat.
Cushion: Memory foam pillow can be spot cleaned with water and mild detergent.

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Memory Foam Ergonomic Lumbar Cushion by Node

Memory Foam Ergonomic Lumbar Cushion by Node