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Hydroponic Carbon Air Filter with 8" Flange Odor Control Exhaust - 21.25 x 11 in

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  • Versatile - Suitable for use in indoor grow rooms or other environments requiring high-quality, odor-free air. Removes almost 100% of organic odor and airborne particles (spores, dust, etc.) in one pass. High-flow design allows use with low or high CFM fans.
  • Long life - Effective at removing odors for up to 3 years (depending on the environment). Filters are bagged, boxed, and then stored in our warehouse, individually wrapped in poly-sheeting until shipment; this protects the filters from exposure to ambient air, extending their life-span and ensuring you will receive the absolute freshest filter available.
  • Pre-filter - Tightly-woven, pre-filter pad catches particles / impurities and prevents them from entering the carbon layer. Pre-filter pad is secured with two elastic bands, allowing easy removal for cleaning.
  • Premium-grade carbon - Filter uses highly-activated, virgin carbon granules for superb odor absorption. Unlike smooth-cut pellets used in other filters, these carbon granules are rough-cut. In filters with smooth carbon pellets, pebbles or grains, the air flow tends to pass around the carbon, and the odor absorption is minimal. The natural rough-cut edges on the carbon in our filter force the air flow to stop and change direction as it impacts the non-uniformly shaped carbon facets; this allows the filter to do a much better job of "catching" and absorbing the odors as they pass through the carbon field.
  • Expanded mesh - Heavy-gauge, expanded mesh caging is used to contain the carbon. The mesh's wide openings provide superb air-flow, and maintain even pressure throughout the filter body. This ensures 100% of the carbon is utilized without the need to reverse the filter at the mid-life point.
  • Integrated flange - This filter features an integrated flange for easy connection to your flexible duct or exhaust hose. Flange mouth opening measures 7.75" for use with standard 8" diameter ducting.
  • Maintenance free design - This filter is not designed for refilling; end caps are permanently affixed. Superior design and premium carbon granules provide highly-effective filtration for the entire usable life of filter.
  • What's Included: Premium activated-carbon air filter & installed pre-filter and flange (Fan & ducting sold separately)

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