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Hot Water Mixing Valve For Touchless Faucet Thermostatic Temperature Control

$21.98 $10.99
  • This item is normally used in conjunction with a touchless / hands-free faucet. Touchless faucets do not have hot & cold handles to adjust the water temperature coming out of the spout, so they are normally installed to a single water supply only. This mixing valve allows a touchless faucet to connect to both the hot & cold water-supply, providing a more comfortable water temperature at the spout. This valve connects to the hot and cold water source under the sink, and provides a single proportioned water-output for the faucet to use. (Note: This valve does not set exact temperature of output. The control on the valve only adjusts the proportion of hot & cold water delivered, so the exact temperature will depend on the temperature of the hot & cold inputs, and the setting of the control. Always ensure that the valve is mounted in a tamper-proof location, and the hot water being supplied is temperature-controlled and constant to avoid scalding of faucet users. Water heaters should also be marked with correct temperature settings and tamper-proofed for safety.)
  • Heavy, solid-brass construction.
  • Engineered for a lifetime of use
  • 1/4 turn proportion valve for easy control of the hot & cold mixing ratio
  • Easy to install
  • Connections - 1/2" FIP/IPS thread fittings (2 x male inlets, 1 female outlet)
  • Construction - Solid-brass
What's included
  • Mixing Valve
  • Instructions
  • Gasket for outlet
  • NOT INCLUDED: Faucet and water supply lines from valve to wall, and from valve to faucet are not included. These are available at most home-improvement or plumbing-supply stores.

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