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Electric Wireless Winch Combo Kit + Accessories - 12,000 lb

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  • Premium electric winch - rated for a single line pull of 12,000 pounds. These winches are the absolute best value in the industry because they combine cutting edge design, top performance, superb build quality, and affordable, distributer-direct pricing
  • Upgraded motor - Direct-current (12 volt DC) motor is series-wound with low-loss, enameled copper wire for very high efficiency and maximum torque. Series-wound motors such as this maintain their power throughout the duty-cycle, unlike permanent magnet motors which suffer performance drops as they heat. This premium motor is very fast, reversible (for powering the cable out and in), and runs cool, utilizing low-friction ball bearings and a precision-machined rotor. True power rating of 6.0 horsepower, 4,300 watts
  • High-quality gearbox - Inside this winch is one of the best 3-stage planetary gear systems available. All of the components, including the carrier, sun-gears, planetary and ring-gears are manufactured to tight tolerances; ensuring high-efficiency, smooth operation, reliability and eliminating slip and wear. This gear system is extremely strong and built-to-last. The gear reduction ratio of 265:1 provides a good compromise between pulling torque and line speed
  • Frictionless freespooling clutch - Mounted on the top side of the winch is a large, easy-to-operate, stainless lever used to engage and disengage the motor from the winch drum. When the lever is disengaged or "de-clutched" the winch drum will freespool, or allow the rope to be pulled out without using the motor's power. When the lever is engaged, the winch drum is securely geared to the motor using the winch's "sliding ring gear" clutch. This type of clutch is not susceptible to wear or slippage like other clutches and is designed for hard pulling
  • Automatic braking - Driver winches use an automatic braking system to hold the load when the motor power is not applied. The heavy-duty mechanical system in the winch drum locks the rope in place and prevents freespooling and slacking when a pull is stopped
  • Premium wire cable - Winch is pre-wound with 87' of 3/8", abrasion-resistant, aircraft-quality wire rope on a 2-1/2" diameter x 8-13/16" long drum. This cable is extremely durable, easy-to-wind, and highly resilient to sand and mud. Thick zinc galvanization provides superior protection from the elements
  • Roller fairlead - Constructed from ultra-high tensile strength steel and coated with an epoxy grade finish. Significantly less likely to chip and rust than powder coated models. Unlike fairleads with bolt-on rollers than can loosen over time, this fairlead utilizes wave-washers and c-clips to securely hold the rollers in place; this rolls better, looks nicer on your vehicle and lasts longer. Precision machined dowel-pin bearings and composite bushings on multi-directional rollers provide for smooth operation even during extreme angle pulls. Mounts easily with a standard 10" bolt pattern
  • Better components and controllers - Critical electrical connections and component areas are covered to protect from debris and water intrusion. Switches are weather resistant and highly-reliable. Solenoids are top-quality and high current rated; allowing for long duty cycles. All moving parts are permanently lubricated with high-temperature lithium grease
  • Excellent fit and finish - These winches combine rugged construction and great looks. Their low-profile, compact design will fit most all vehicles, and their tough housings ensure they'll look as great in 10 years as they do today. All painted portions feature a durable exterior coating over primed basecoat, designed to withstand the elements
  • Remote control - Operate the winch's line-out and line-in controls at a distance with the included wired controller. Handheld controller includes 12 feet of cord terminating in a 3-pin plug allowing the controller to be unplugged and removed from the winch when not in use. The winch features a socket to receive the plug, and the socket is fitted with a rubber boot to protect moisture or dirt from entering when the controller is not used. In addition, this winch includes a wireless remote with up to a 75' range (requires a MN21 battery which is included). This remote will also operate line-out and line-in functions and includes a clip on the rear to secure the remote where desired
  • Easy to install - Simply mount the control box to the top of the winch, connect the pre-terminated wires to the motor, mount the winch, connect power and ground and the winch is ready for use. Winch measures 21-1/4" x 6-1/4" x 6-1/4" high and weighs 90 pounds. Mounts with an industry-standard 10" x 4- 1/2" mounting bolt pattern. Recommended for use with a battery with a minimum of 650 CCA (cold cranking amps)
  • Pull by layer:
    • Layer 1 - Capacity 12,000 pounds - 16 feet of rope remaining on drum
    • Layer 2 - Capacity 9,210 pounds - 42 feet of rope remaining on drum
    • Layer 3 - Capacity 8,030 pounds - 72 feet of rope remaining on drum
    • Layer 4 - Capacity 6,894 pounds - 87 feet of rope remaining on drum
  • Line speed and motor current (first layer):
    • Unloaded - 25.5 feet per minute - 70 amp current draw
    • 2,000 pound load - 14.9 feet per minute - 120 amp current draw
    • 4,000 pound load - 11.1 feet per minute - 160 amp current draw
    • 6,000 pound load - 8.8 feet per minute - 230 amp current draw
    • 8,000 pound load - 7 feet per minute - 280 amp current draw
    • 10,000 pound load - 5.6 feet per minute - 340 amp current draw
    • 12,000 pound load - 4.4 feet per minute - 400 amp current draw
  • Snatch block - Used to increase winch pulling power (using a double-line pull technique) or for indirect pulls using the block as an anchor point. Constructed from 1/4" thick, ultra-high tensile strength steel and coated with an epoxy grade finish (significantly less likely to chip and rust than powder-coated finishes). Heavy-duty, dowel bearing with integrated grease fitting for smooth operation. Unit swivels open to accept line with no disassembly required (pulley accommodates line up to 1/2"). Measures 9-3/4" x 4-5/8" and features a 20,000 pound capacity
  • Tree protector - This premium strap provides a secure anchor point for winching without damaging tree-trunks as rope or metal chain will. Built from tough, industrial-grade polyester, this strap is quick-drying, mildew and abrasion resistant. The strap is tightly woven, minimizing stretch while remaining extremely soft and pliable. The end-loops are folded, reinforced and securely stitched, providing for a very high pulling capacity. Measures 3" wide, 10' long and has a maximum pulling strength of 24,000 pounds
  • Quick connector - Provides simple and convenient method for disconnecting power to the winch or making it removable. Connectors are made from extremely-tough polycarbonate and each end features a fitted rubber boot to protect against dust, moisture, corrosion and the elements. Connector ends are identical, so either end is suitable for connection to the power or load side, however they are mated (they connect in only one polarity or direction), to prevent anyone from connecting them cross-polarity. Easy to use; simply insert wires into terminal pins, then crimp or solder. Pins are then inserted into the connector housing, where they lock in place (pins can be removed from housing if necessary). Designed for low-voltage (12 -36 volts DC) and high-current use (rated capacity is 350 amps, do not use for applications where winch power draw exceeds connector capacity). The terminal pins (0.35" inner diameter) can accept wire from 0-4 gauge. Each connector measures 3-1/8" long x 2-1/8" wide x 1" thick (connected set measures 5-1/4" x 2-1/8" x 1"). Kit includes one pair of connectors (2 connector ends, 4 terminal pins and 2 rubber boot caps)
  • Winch cover - Soft winch cover conceals and protects your winch investment from the elements. Cover is stitched from water-resistant nylon, and features a sewn-in elastic band around the edges for a secure, snug fit
What's included
  • Brand-new LD12-PRO winch from Driver Recovery Products
  • Solenoid control box
  • 85' of 3/8" cable (pre-wound)
  • Premium roller fairlead
  • Wired controller with 12’ cord and plug
  • Heavy-duty 3/8" clevis slip hook with latch (grade 70)
  • Hook safety pull strap (protects hands when pulling out line)
  • Owner’s manual
  • Mounting hardware - 24pc set (bolts, nuts, flat and lock washers)
  • 72" Power wire - 2 gauge red (pre-attached to winch)
  • 72" Ground wire - 2 gauge black
  • 10 Ton (20,000 pound) snatch block
  • 10' Tree protector strap
  • Quick connector kit
  • Winch soft cover
  • Brand-new 12,000 pound winch
  • Snatch block
  • Tree protector
  • Quick connector
  • Winch cover
  • 85' of 3/8" cable (pre-wound)
  • Premium roller fairlead
  • Wired controller with 12' cord and plug
  • Heavy-duty 1/2" clevis slip hook with latch (grade 70)
  • Hook safety pull strap (protects hands when pulling out line)
  • Owner's manual
  • Mounting hardware - 24pc set (bolts, nuts, flat and lock washers)
  • 72" Power wire - 2 gauge red (pre-attached to winch)
  • 72" Ground wire - 2 gauge black

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