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Complete Tattoo Kit - 2 Machine Skull Set with StarBrite Colors Ink

$145.98 $72.99
  • 2 premium, dual-use (Lining and Shading) tattoo machines. Very smooth and powerful. Low-vibration frame, upgraded brass contacts, dual 10-wrap coils. Machine is designed for multi-use (lining and shading)
  • Pro-quality power supply system (US-standard 120 volt power cord) with illuminated, analog display and foot-pedal power control
  • Stainless Steel foot pedal controller
  • Clip-cord with stainless contacts
  • High-grade resin skull ink holder. Approximately 3.5" wide, 4" deep and 4" tall, and holds up to 7 medium-sized ink caps.
  • 4 (rounds) gel grip tubes with 1" grips: #3, #5, #7, #9 (used for round liner and shader needles)
  • 5 (flats/mags) gel grip tubes with 1" grips: #5, #7, #9, #13, #15 (used for flat and magnum shader needles)
  • 3 (diamonds) gel grip tubes with 1" grips: #3, #5, #7 (diamond tips can be used for round liner or shader needles, although they're usually used for lining, since the shape of the tip allows more control against needle movement while providing a groove for ink flow)
  • 20 round lining needles - Round Liners: 3RL, 5RL, 7RL and 9RL (5pc. each size)
  • 20 round shading needles - Round Shaders: 3RS, 5RS, 7RS and 9RS (5pc. each size)
  • 5 flat shading needles: 5F Flats
  • 5 magnum shading needles: 7M1 Mags
  • White LED machine-mountable work light. Light is powered by the tattoo machine's power supply, so it illuminates anytime the machine is in use
  • 100 small-size ink caps (#9)
  • 50 medium-size ink caps (#13)
  • 7 bottles of ultra-premium tattoo ink, made in the USA by StarBrite Colors. Each bottle contains 1/2 ounce of ink. Colors include Brite White, Canary Yellow, Country Blue, Crimson Red, Jet Black Outliner, Lime Green and Tribal Black.
  • 8 ounce plastic squeeze bottle
  • 8 ounce bottle (COSCO Brand) Tincture of Green Soap
  • Dual-tip, non-sterile, disposable skin marking pen, used to demarcate site to be tattooed. These pens have tips at both ends; a regular tip (slightly finer than a marker), and an ultra-fine tip for detail work. Both tips are anti-clog and make excellent lines
  • 75 tattoo machine anti-microbial, heat and UV resistant rubber bands (these wrap around the tattoo machine and provide the correct tension against the needle
  • 75 mixed-color grommets (joins needles to machine's A-bar)
  • 75 rubber o-rings
  • 3 hex-wrenches / adjustment tools
  • 5 piece set of cleaning brushes
  • One tube of tattoo aftercare ointment/emollient. Contains vitamins A and D. Coats and protects the skin
  • Five pairs of black nitrile, textured powder-free gloves
  • Three 8.5" by 11" sheets of Spirit 4-ply thermal-style transfer paper
  • One practice skin, dual-sided and re-usable
  • Transfer paper instructional sheet
  • Tattoo Basics instructional eBook series (download links provided)

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