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Commercial Popcorn Scoop, Aluminum Speed Scooper - Fill Bags and Boxes

Brand: Olde Midway



Product Features:
  • Easy-fill, speed scoop: Designed to easily scoop and serve freshly popped popcorn. Tapered at one end to quickly and effortlessly funnel and fill any popcorn bag, box or bucket.
  • Commercial quality: Olde Midway's commercial quality aluminum popcorn scoop is the must-have accessory for concession stands, movie theaters, carnivals, picnics, and popcorn machine owners
  • Non-slip, comfort grip handle: Handle features grooves for a secure grip. Ergonomically designed handle prevents wrist fatigue providing you the ultimate in scooping comfort.
  • Protect your hands: Olde Midway's popcorn scoop features a handle perfectly distanced from the scoop, adding a layer of protection preventing contact with hot oil and butter when serving.
  • Scoop more than just popcorn: This versatile scoop is also perfect for scooping, portioning and serving ice, French fries, candy, nuts, and other dry goods

Olde Midway’s popcorn scoop is the perfect accessory for quickly and easily scooping and filling bags, boxes, and buckets with freshly popped popcorn kernels. This speed scooper is designed for high-volume use and is ideal for your scooping success in concession stands, movie theaters, carnivals, company picnics, even in the comfort of your own home.

This commercial quality aluminum speed scoop includes a black, non-slip, comfort grip handle. This popcorn scoop is designed for a secure grip to protect hands from contact with hot oil and butter when scooping and serving. With the ergonomic grip handle, you can look forward to hours of scooping without ever slowing down due to wrist fatigue.

Use for more than just scooping popcorn. This scoop serves perfect portions of ice, French fries, candy, nuts and more! To clean, wash with soap and warm water.

Overall Length: 9-1/2"
Overall Depth: 2"
Widest Point: 6-3/4"
Narrow End: 3"
Scoop Section without Handle: 7-1/2" top to bottom

Olde Midway offers high-quality concession stand products for professionals and consumers alike. Purchase our Commercial Popcorn Scoop today, and check out the rest of our retro-style equipment and supplies to add a splash of fun and flavor to every occasion.

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Commercial Popcorn Scoop, Aluminum Speed Scooper - Fill Bags and Boxes

Commercial Popcorn Scoop, Aluminum Speed Scooper - Fill Bags and Boxes