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Commercial Mop & Bucket with Side Press Wringer- 26 Quart, Red- Dryser


VENDOR: Dryser

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  • SPILL-PROOF DESIGN: Keep water from splashing on the floor when you wring out your mop with the spill-resistant side press. The 26-quart, extra-deep bucket further reduces the chance of spills while moving from room to room and allows users to clean longer before changing out the mop water. Maintain
  • DURABLE AND EFFICIENT WRINGER: We designed a wringer that's easy to operate with minimal effort. Simply place your mop head in the spacious wringer basket and press down on the curved handle to extract water from the mop head directly into the bucket. The steel pressure rod spring was engineered for
  • HANDLE DESIGNED FOR COMFORT: Our ergonomic wringer handle is perfectly angled to reduce back strain from prolonged use and includes a curved handle with rubber grip allowing for increased control while steering the bucket. Disposing of mop water is simple too, thanks to the convenient metal loop han
  • SMOOTH, SILENT CASTERS: Four quiet, non-marking casters allow you to move your mop bucket and wringer around without bothering those around you or scuffing up the floor. Carbon steel caster mounts keep the wheels firmly secured to the bucket. Bumper guards provide additional protection, preventing t
  • RUGGED CONSTRUCTION: We chose the most durable, anti-corrosive polypropylene available for our heavy-duty mop bucket and wringer, so the structural web-molded body will maintain its structure and bright finish for years. The wringer handle was also designed with longevity in mind and is constructed

Clean floors quicker and prevent spills along the way with a feature-rich, cost-effective mopping solution. We designed the Dryser Commercial Mop Bucket with Side Press Wringer to be the most efficient, long-lasting mopping solution available. Featuring a high-efficiency wringer, splash-resistant bucket, distinctive CAUTION sign, and quiet, non-marking casters, this is an ideal cleaning tool for any residential, commercial, or industrial environment. Match cleaning efficiency, durability, and ergonomic design. Generic, inferior mop buckets with wheels can be awkward to maneuver and often result in annoying, hazardous spillovers. That's why we set out to design a superior product that keeps mop water in the bucket where it belongs, both while you're mopping and moving from room to room. Other unique features include a wringer handle angled for smoother steering and integrated bucket grips for easier emptying.

Product Details
  • Rugged polypropylene construction
  • 26-quart mop bucket
  • Removable side-press wringer with ergonomic handle
  • Four 3" casters with bumper guards
  • Convenient metal loop handle and integrated bucket grips

    Dryser elevates traditional cleaning equipment with smarter designs and unique benefits, without sacrificing value. Buy now and start cleaning smarter with the Dryser Mop Bucket and Side Press Wringer.

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    Commercial Mop & Bucket with Side Press Wringer- 26 Quart, Red- Dryser

    Commercial Mop & Bucket with Side Press Wringer- 26 Quart, Red- Dryser