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Beehive 20 Frame Complete Box Kit (10 Deep-10 Medium) Langstroth Beekeeping

$279.98 $139.99
  • Complete kit – Includes everything needed to build a Langstroth style beehive
  • Solid construction – Hive super is made of premium fir wood with 1 deep and 1 medium sized box
  • Frames – 10 deep and 10 medium frames made of white pine and include unwaxed hexagonal shaped foundations
  • Telescoping roof top – Built with a galvanized metal cap to keep the elements out
  • Hive safety - Entrance reducer and bottom board help keep your bee hive safe from insects and predators
  • Inner cover – Allows ventilation and additional entrance
  • Dimensions – 23" high by 18.25" wide by 19.75" high (including roof)
  • Easy to assemble – Pre-cut finger joints fit together easy and include heavy duty nails
  • Queen excluder – Keeps the queen from travelling to upper section of the hive and can be removed when desired

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