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14" x 21 Reusable Gel Ice Therapy Compress with Cover- Node Fitness

Brand: Node Fitness


  • MICROWAVABLE, REFREEZABLE, REUSABLE: Soothe body soreness and accelerate the muscle healing process with our reusable hot and cold therapy gel pack. Unlike other products that can only be used cold, ours doubles as a hot therapy solution. Store your pack in the freezer to create a cold compress, or
  • EXTRA LARGE SIZE: Measuring 14" x 21" our gel pack is one of the largest available, allowing you to get maximum coverage to treat sports injuries, sore muscles, cramps, swelling and inflammation. Apply to the back, neck, shoulders, arms, legs or anywhere else that requires attention.
  • BONUS COVER: The washable protective cover includes different textures on each side, so you can pick the level of contact that's best for you. Choose between the softer plush felt and the thinner mesh webbing, or alternate between the two.
  • SUSTAINS TEMPERATURES LONGER: Our pack's non-toxic gel formula maintains both hot and cold temperatures longer than other packs. Give your body the continuous relief it needs to heal, without disrupting your treatment to reheat or refreeze your pack.
  • HEAVY-DUTY, FLEXIBLE CONSTRUCTION: Easily shape the pack to conform to any body part for more focused contact, even when it's totally frozen. The extra-thick nylon and double-stitched seam prevents the therapeutic blue gel from leaking.

The Node Fitness Hot and Cold Therapy Gel Pack is a reusable, multipurpose pain relief solution that delivers essential aid to the muscles that need it most. Filled with non-toxic gel formula that preserves temperatures longer, our pack provides the continuous hot or cold pressure proven to alleviate aches and quicken the healing process. Our gel pack is made with heavy-duty, flexible nylon and secured it with a double-stitched seam to prevent leaking. Wrap, twist, and mold it to your body without worrying about damaging the pack in any way. Even when completely frozen, our pack is flexible enough to conform to any part of your body. The 14" x 21" Node Fitness Hot and Cold Therapy Pack comes with a complementary dual-sided cover, so you can select the level of exposure that's best for you. Choose between the soft plush side or the thinner mesh half for more direct contact. Hot and cold therapy has been proven to ease pains caused by muscles strains, sports injuries, cramps, tendonitis and post-surgery soreness. Depending on your specific issue, you can use our packs exclusively for hot or cold applications, or switch between the two for a more comprehensive healing regimen. To alternate between hot and cold, simply store your pack in the freezer, remove it to apply cold therapy, and then place it in the microwave when you're ready to switch to hot therapy. Node Fitness Hot and Cold Therapy Packs provide both soothing cold and restorative heat therapy in one convenient and economical product.

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14" x 21 Reusable Gel Ice Therapy Compress with Cover- Node Fitness

14" x 21 Reusable Gel Ice Therapy Compress with Cover- Node Fitness