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10' Tree Saver Trunk Protector Recovery Winch Tow Snatch Strap - 24,000 lb

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  • Winch without damage - Strap can be used without injuring tree trunks
  • Tough - Crafted from industrial-grade polyester
  • Resilient - Tightly woven, minimizing stretch while remaining extremely soft and pliable
  • Reinforced design - End-loops are folded, reinforced and securely stitched, providing for a very high pulling capacity
  • Long-lasting - Quick-drying, mildew and abrasion resistant
  • Capacity - Maximum pulling strength of 24,000 pounds
  • Dimensions - 3" wide, 10' long
Safety Warning
  • Winches can cause serious injury and/or death if proper safety measures are not taken. A full list of safety warnings and winch training instructions is beyond the scope of this listing, therefore this product is for sale to trained operators only. DO NOT USE this product if you are not completely trained in winch operation and safety. Never use for hoisting. Never use for moving people. When using a snatch block to increase pulling power, ensure that all components including the snatch block, rope/line, tools, and anchor points are rated to double your winch's maximum power rating

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