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Complete Professional Tattoo Kit - Machine Equipment Set

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  • One tuned-coil tattoo machine with 4 resin washers for adjustment (machine is designed for use as a liner and shader)
  • One dual coil shader liner tattoo machine in chrome
  • One dual-machine power supply unit with US-standard 120 volt power cord
  • Stainless foot pedal switch with 2 machine clip cords
  • 3 bottles of Mom's tattoo ink (ink is made in the USA), assorted colors, 1/2 ounce each
  • High-grade resin skull ink holder. Approximately 3.5" wide, 4" deep and 4" tall, and holds up to 7 medium-sized ink caps
  • 500 small-size ink caps. These caps measure approximately 1/2" tall and 1/2" wide. Each will hold approximately 0.5ml of tattoo ink
  • 100 medium-size ink caps. These caps measure approximately 1/2" tall and 3/4" wide. Each will hold approximately 2ml of tattoo ink
  • 25 large-size ink caps. These caps measure approximately 1" tall and 1-1/4" wide. Each will hold approximately 8ml of tattoo ink
  • Stainless-steel machine grip with back-stem
  • Set of 7, multi-color, alloy machine grips
  • 50 tattoo needles, pre-made on stainless steel bars, assorted sizes, all with Ethylene Oxide (EO) gas indicating dot showing proof of needle sterilization
  • 5 combo tattoo needles with tubes and silicone gel grips, assorted sizes
  • 28 plastic tube tips
  • 6 surgical stainless steel tube tips; aluminum spray bottle; triplet loupe for needle inspection
  • Three 8.5" by 11" sheets of Spirit 4-ply thermal-style transfer paper
  • Dual-tip, non-sterile, disposable skin marking pen, used to demarcate site to be tattooed. These pens have tips at both ends; a regular tip (slightly finer than a marker), and an ultra-fine tip for detail work. Both tips are anti-clog and make excellent lines
  • 100 tattoo-machine rubber bands (these wrap around the tattoo machine and provide the correct tension against the needle)
  • 100 tattoo-machine needle grommets (joins needles to machine's A-bar)
  • 50 tattoo-machine spring o-rings
  • 5 pair of tattooing gloves
  • One practice skin, dual-sided and re-usable
  • 8 disposable site preparation razors
  • Cleaning brush set
  • 3 packages of aftercare ointment and a tattoo machine adjustment toolset
  • Tattoo Basics instructional eBook series (download links provided)

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