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60-Chime Wireless Doorbell - Portable Plug-In Musical Door Bell Buzzer - Remote

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  • 60 UNIQUE CHIMES: A wide range of different available sounds allows you to customize the doorbell chime to your liking. Traditional "ding-dong", birds chirping, dog barking, phone ring, musical interludes, plus over 50 more tunes, tones, and melodies available to choose from.
  • POWERFUL RANGE: Unit has an operating range of 500' (1000' in open areas).
  • QUICK, EASY SETUP: Simple design allows for fast, portable installation.
  • STYLISH: Sleek and modern, this doorbell goes with any decor style, blending into any setting.
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: Beyond its use as a door bell, can be used as a convenient alert device, ideal for elderly or bedridden patients to quickly notify their caretaker, as well as used as a simple paging device for business use.

Great for all homes and businesses, this powerful wireless door chime from Urbelo, with an operating range of 500' (1000' in open areas), provides authentic sound and convenient notification of guests at your door.

This doorbell has an industry-leading 60 unique chime settings to customize the sound to your personal taste, and offers a sleek, modern design that looks just like an ordinary hard-wired doorbell.

Comes with a battery-powered remote (batteries included) in a classic white color with a blue led-light accent. Remote can be mounted if desired with a drill or double-sided mounting tape. No batteries are required for the receiver, as this easy-to-use design plugs into a US-standard 110-120 volt electrical outlet.

Highly versatile, the wireless remote and receiver can also double as a simple alert device, providing convenient assistance notification to caregivers and loved ones for people who are bedridden or the elderly. It can also be used as a paging device when installed in an office or business.

Urbelo is a leading supplier of home improvement products that provide superior quality at an exceptional value.

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